2″ T-Tail Minnow (10 pack)

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The Minnow PT50 is a lethal lure on big and small fish. Its subtle tail movements or wild erratic movements when abruptly jerked in the water. Seven colour options, they have been responsible for Bass, Brown, Rainbow and Tiger Trout, and the popular table fish – Redfin. The 50mm size (2 in.) is ideal for skinny water fishing as well as fishing the edges of dams, bays and rivers – fresh or salt.

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The Spitfire Tackle 2" Paddle Tail Soft Plastic – the secret weapon that gets the fish! With its proven track record of success, this versatile lure is a game-changer whether you're fishing in skinny water, wide water, or deep water. Its 2" size makes it the perfect bait for any occasion, enticing bites from a wide range of fish species. But what really sets the Spitfire Tackle unit apart? It's the colors! With an array of vibrant and eye-catching color options, these lures stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of even the most selective fish. Don't settle for ordinary – step up your game with the Spitfire Tackle 2" T-Tail soft plastic and experience the difference for yourself!

Size: 50 mm (2 in.)
Tail: paddle tail
Weight: 1g/lure
Lures/pack: 10/pack (same colour)

Additional information

Weight 11 g
Dimensions 160 × 90 × 10 mm
Minnow PT50

Spitfire 2" T-Tail Minnow – Black'n'Gold (10 pack), Spitfire 2" T-Tail Minnow – Cherry Bomb (10 Pack), Spitfire 2" T-Tail Minnow – Glitter Roe (10 Pack), Spitfire 2" T-Tail Minnow – Grey Bomber (10 Pack), Spitfire 2" T-Tail Minnow – Milky Way (10 Pack), Spitfire 2" T-Tail Minnow – Peppered Lime (10 Pack), Spitfire 2" T-Tail Minnow – White Pearl (10 Pack)


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